TPPA Awards

Norman Borlaug Lifetime Achievement Award

This is the Texas Plant Protection Association’s highest award for members that over the years have made a special contribution to the association, the conference and to Texas agriculture. It is named in honor of Dr. Norman Borlaug an agronomist, humanitarian and Nobel laureate who has been called "the Father of the Green Revolution", "Agriculture's Greatest Spokesperson" and "The Man Who Saved A Billion Lives". He completed his career as a member of the Texas A&M University Staff, serving as a Distinguished Professor of International Agriculture.


Previous Winners

2004 – H. Ray Smith, 2005- Charles Stichler, 2006- Barron Rector, 2007- Travis Miller, 2008- James Grichar, 2009- Paul Baumann, 2010- Jack LeClair, 2011- Ron Lacewell, 2012- Brad Minton, 2013- Roy Parker, 2014 - Tom Cothren, 2015 – Randy Rivera, 2016 - David Baltensperger, 2017 Ron Smith


Ken Smith is awarded the Norman Borlaug Lifetime Achievement Award by the Texas Plant Protection Association.

This is the 15th year that TPPA has honored some of the outstanding Texas Plant Protection Association members that have made special contributions to the association, to the conference, to their profession and to Texas agriculture with the TPPA Award.

Past Award Winners are:

Graduate Student

2003 Greg Steele

2004 Josh Bynum

2005 Brad Hopkins


2006 Robert Puckett

2007 Sam Willingham

2008 Nyland Falkenberg
Travis Janak

2009 Scott Stanislav

2010 Edinalvo Camargo

2011 Ben McKnight

2012 Zach Eder

2013 Trevor Jones

2014 Josh McGinty
Silvano Assanga


2016 Kevin Cox

2017 Brady Arthur, MS
John Gordy, PhD

2018Luke Pruter, PhD
Colby Ratcliff, MS


Dan Bradshaw

Webb Wallace

Sid Hopkins

Mark Nemec

David Wilde

Paul Pilsner

Gary Kennedy


Neal Pratt

Gary Bradshaw

Cliff Mock

Glenn Crane

Brandon Ripple

Larry McAnally


Darrin Biediger

Lee Hutchins

Ronnie Phillips


Peter Bruno


Bill Odle

Doug Jost

Brad Minton


Drew Wenner

Jack LeClair

Alan Dalrymple


Doug Pustejovsky

Vernon Langston

Mark Spilman

Greg Steele

Gary Schwarzlose

Eric Castner


Adam Hixson

Luke Etheredge

Tony Driver


Jimmy Schulz


Ron Lacewell

Robert Lemon

Paul Baumann


Tom Cothren

Randy Rivera

M.O. Way


Ed Gage

Roy Parker

Tom Isakeit

Mike Chandler

Gaylon Morgan

Joe Masabni


Charles Adam

Ronnie Schnell

Betsy Pierson


Sandy Pierson

Ag Communications Award


2012 Blair Fannin

2013 Ron Smith

Ray Smith Leadership Award


2013 Ray Smith

2014 Donnie Dippel

2017 Travis Miller and Ron Lacewell